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Nelson Skalbania, Chairman with Joe Brunner of IR-World Press, Oct 2017


Equities Research: Mag One Mar.2017

Auto Tech: BMW’s 3.0 Litre magnesium/aluminium composite engine block

Mag One Products' Nelson M. Skalbania is Interviewed by David Morgan of The Morgan Report

Automotive Uses of Magnesium Alloys: Part One

Magnesium: Great Future Potential on Roskill report to 2020

New high-performance magnesium-based structural metal nanocomposite


Radio interview of Mag One Operations’ President, Gillian Holcroft

Mag One Products pourrait débuter sa production au printemps sur le site de la Mine Jeffrey


Mag One Operations Inc.'s President, Gillian Holcroft at Dec. 5th Press Conference in Quebec


Mag One representatives and Quebec government representatives at Dec. 5th Press Conference.

At the Press Conference in Quebec: (l to r) 1. Dr. Jagmohan Singh, Consulting Geochemist 2. Dr. James Blencoe, Chief Technology Officer 3. Lucky Janda, CEO 4. Nelson Skalbania, Chairman 5. Mme Karine Vallières, Member of Parliament for Richmond and the Parliamentary Assistant to the Prime Minister 6. Ms. Gillian Holcroft, President of Mag One Operations Inc. 7. M. Jean Roy, Councilor and representative of the city of Asbestos on the council of Mayors of the MRC des Sources 8. M. Denys Pinard of Biobois Analytique, lab-scale testing 9. M. Gervais Soucy, Advisor and Professor at the University of Sherbrooke.