Magnesium, the metal of the future!

Due to its lightweight and great strength-to-weight ratio, the demand and utilization of Magnesium, (including its alloys, compounds) is projected to rise by 5% for each of the next few years. Mg is 75% lighter than steel and 38% lighter than aluminum. Mag One, via its operating subsidiary, Mag One Operations Inc., is positioned to redefine the current processing and pricing in the magnesium industry by drastically reducing its cost (aims to be equal or less than the current cost of Aluminum) and delivering an ultrapure, cleaner, environmental Canadian alternative.

The company has four initial Projects:

  1. Magboard Products Inc., (50:50 JV with MagBoard LLC) develop an assembly plant and sell ROK-ONTM Structural Insulated Sheathing (MgO-based) panels that outperform current wallboard building products--BETTER, FASTER, MORE VALUE
  2. MgO and Mg(OH)2 and Si: processing and producing various grades (including high-purity) of magnesium oxide/magnesia (MgO), magnesium hydroxide (MgOH2) and silica. MgO is the essential precursor for the Company’s flagship product: Mg metal. MgO excellent refractory element for reactors, furnaces, de-icer, etc.
  3. Magnesium Metal:
    Using its proprietary technology, construct and operate the first (of many) modular processing facility to establish a stable, reliable and economical source of this versatile metal, in Canada to satisfy growing demand and use (especially by our neighbour, the USA) in a variety of industries. (China produces over 85% of world supply.)
  4. Mag One acquired MagPower Systems LLC, a B.C. based company that has spent over 10 years and $15M developing a Mg-Air Battery. The Company is exploring the commercial viability and all the possible uses and places for this technology especially disaster relief and marine vessels. The patents-pending technology, the innovative anodes with the use of electrolytes (salt water) is proprietary.

Mag One Products Inc. is refining and working its paradigmatic proprietary technologies for the first pilot plant due to open by May 2017. Recent peer review by SNC-Lavalin suggests, from its sampling, testing, of our tailings, a pilot plant would better prove quality, grain size, etc. of the MgO for end-users, especially those interested in offtake agreements in North America and Europe, and of course for the Mg metal plant. Related ultrapure Mg compounds (Mg(OH)2) and Mg byproducts and coproducts will provide revenue to reinvest in the operations to produce products that are very economical and earth-friendly, in a sustainable way. The Company is also exploring the commercial viability of any Silica (Si), Nickel (Ni) as well as researching whether this same technology could also be applied for Li production.